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Viewpoints on the BRT

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Reasons for concerns on the BRT implementation:

  • Not feasible for some commuters to take public transit because some jobs require traveling to multiple locations and some require transportation of variable equipment.

  • The one car lane within the proposal covers nearly a mile through one of the busiest main streets of North East Los Angeles.

  • Within the one designated car lane, a single driver trying to parallel park can cause massive gridlock.

  • Bottleneck traffic as a result of trucks, cars, and regular buses sharing only one traffic lane.

  • Colorado Blvd. is utilized by commercial trucking companies who frequent the route and routinely make stops at enterprises such as 711, Walgreens, Shell, CT Gas Station, Taco Bell, Trader Joes, and much more.

  • There are concerns about how this will affect the peak hours of rush hour traffic through Eagle Rock.

  • Pedestrian safety concerns due to drivers diverting through residential streets to cut through congestion on Colorado Blvd. regardless of any physical traffic diverters in place.

  • Unforeseen inconveniences for residents trying to get home by having to travel further to go to a designated left turn lane.

  • Public transit may pose health and safety issues due to the risk of contracting a communicable disease and/or risk of being a victim of crime or harassment.

  • The possibility of delayed emergency response times due to traffic congestion.

  • Electrical vehicles are becoming more of a viable option for consumers due to an increased awareness in climate change and rise in gas prices.

  • Several local businesses worry that throttling traffic or losing street parking will decrease the number of customers and therefore will incur a loss of revenue. There aren't enough parking accommodations along Colorado Blvd. for customers and business employees.

  • Local businesses will have to deal with street closures during construction. Funding for businesses affected is not sufficient to cover costs during the construction period.

  • There will be a substantial rent increase for all businesses along Colorado Boulevard.

  • Limited input from Eagle Rock residents. There was little effort to inform local residents and businesses through outreach by telephone or mail. Instead, information was left accessible by online engagement.

  • The two options Metro offered, either to eliminate an entire lane or lose street parking and affect the medians, were untested.

  • Questioning if approving one of the two proposals will guarantee safer streets.

  • Petitions calling for an in depth study of the Beautiful Boulevard Plan were bypassed in favor of quick implementation.

  • Too many unknown variables have not been addressed by Metro including what would happen to existing buses such as the DASH, what will happen to Al Fresco dining patios, and exactly where the traffic diverters will be placed.

Reasons for support on the BRT implementation:

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