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Letter from Metro sent on 12/02/21

According to the letter from Metro sent on 12/02/21, Final Draft EIR will be completed by early 2022.

Following Metro's approval of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Colorado Blvd., the Eagle Rock community was presented with two design options to be further studied, outlined in Metro's letter sent on 7/23/21.

The Metro presentation on 9/23/21 reveals that both proposals affects parking and the configuration of the streets:

1. Design option with a single travel lane in each direction on Colorado Blvd from Eagle Rock Blvd east to Mt Helena. Converts one travel lane in each direction to bus-only lanes, maintains landscaped median space, and preserves [**62 % of existing spaces (197 of 319)] on-street parking.

2. Design option maintaining all travel lanes along Colorado Blvd. Maintains the existing travel lanes but reduces on-street parking [**preserves 34 % of existing spaces (109 of 319)] and landscaped median space to accommodate bus-only lanes.

  • Timestamp 42:25 - Reduction in parking for both options.

  • Timestamp 10:10 - Explanation and map of the 2 street configurations.

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