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This page was created as a repository of archived images and videos from the Zone 2 section of Colorado Boulevard. Renders of the possible effects from the BRT construction are found here. Additionally, pictures of the current flow of traffic are posted here.

Please feel free to share our images and videos!

Brief overview of the One Lane Road Diet Design, coming to Colorado Boulevard.

Traffic on Colorado Blvd 8/28/21

This was recording during a shooting that had occurred at the intersection of the 2 & 134 Freeway. Due to the closure of the freeway, traffic spilled on over to Colorado Boulevard causing massive congestion. Worst yet was the fact that there were many commuters who were diverting onto Yosemite Drive, Las Flores, and Hill Drive. Question is how will the single lane handle this fluctuation in capacity from Eagle Rock Boulevard to the 134 Freeway Entrance?

Projected Layout of
Metro Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Stations

Intersection on Townsend

Delivery Trucks at Trader Joe's, Eagle Rock

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