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On November 2016 voters voted yes on Measure M with a resounding 71%. This proposition awarded Metro a multibillion dollar grant to expedite its developments all across the regions of the Greater Los Angeles Area. Many find mass transit an answer to the impending crisis to our city, climate change and population growth. For decades our city was in dire need of a upgrade in its local transit. The North Hollywood to Pasadena line is one of many projects that would help streamline mass transits lines throughout the regions of Los Angeles. The Beautiful Colorado Project was created to solve several issues with the previous proposals. However, there were many concerns with the current F1 layout. Its main focus is to maintain the central meridians, expand bike lanes, and increase pedestrian walkways. The main issue with this current solution is how it eliminates the available driver lanes down to one lane. This has become a very contentious debate among residents of this community in recent years.

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