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A Closer Look: The Coalition in Support of the Beautiful Boulevard Proposal

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

In our mission to understand the scope of the Beautiful Boulevard Proposal, we had taken the time to recognize every business along the Zone 2 region that would be affected with the one car lane. This is a list we compiled containing about 162 businesses from Eagle Rock Blvd. to the 134 East Freeway Entrance. For reference we had visited the Eagle Rock Forward website coalition page Of those institutions, only 20 were listed in support of the proposal.

List of all Business along Zone 2

For Download:

Businesses_On_Colorado FullChart
Download PDF • 516KB
Download XLSX • 16KB

The images below are screen captures from the Coalition Page

We had taken the time in laying out each of the Organizations in a comprehensible format.

For Download:

Download PDF • 183KB
Download XLSX • 15KB

Eagle Rock is a very special part of Los Angeles. A diverse population with a rich history and roots in progressive activism makes it stand out as a beautiful community. Although its founding was centered around being neighborhood for a predominantly Caucasian population, this town has progressed to house many people of different ethnic origins, and continues to cultivate its rich cultural mixture.

Reference for the demographics were retrieved from:

Disclaimer: We try to capture this information with the best of our knowledge. These businesses and institutions located along the Eagle Rock Blvd. to 134 East Fwy Entrance stretch were noted on 5/1/2021. We do not have any further knowledge if there are more of these businesses in support of the proposal and were not listed on the Eagle Rock Forward Coalition.

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