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Coming to
Colorado Boulevard 

Demand Metro to drive the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in current mixed flow lanes along Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock.



The Metro Board has approved  the F1 Single Lane Option on 4/28/22

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  • The F1 Single Lane Design significantly blocks off Fire Station 42 and Trader Joe's.

  • Fire trucks can’t pull out and immediately turn left, they are blocked with 2 center medians and center BRT-only lanes.

  • Fire Station 42 is obstructed from their tanker fuel deliveries. This is a gas station that serves as a refueling point for many fire trucks and nearby fire stations.

  • The center medians block Trader Joe's from receiving any shipments from delivery trucks.

  • The F1 Single Lane Design creates an obstacle course on Colorado Blvd for emergency vehicles. This violates State County and City LA Fire Code has many fire code violations.

Video Overview of the F1 One Lane Route through Colorado Blvd.

Fire Station 42 1 lane option.jpg
Trader Joes One Lane.jpg

F1 One Lane - Click here to view full route 

These design  images were taken directly from Metro BRT FEIR link below and stitched together east to west to make them more viewable,  understandable, and able to zoom in. 

Here is Metro's Final EIR released via email March 25, 2022.  These design images were downloaded directly from the Metro BRT FEIR link: 

(To view Metro's original designs follow path below)



-Burbank and Eagle Rock Updated designs

Divisive Social Media Discourse

Metro and TERA's rollout and communication to and about Eagle Rock Residents and Businesses has been very divisive.

See folders of tweets levied against business owners and residents of Eagle Rock.

The Concerns

Concerns of the Eagle Rock Community

Although Eagle Rock is supportive of the BRT, more public transit and bike lanes, we do not support BRT-only lanes. It is unnecessary to hurt small businesses and disrupt the community in order to implement the F1 Single Lane Design, which removes street parking. Below are some of the concerns stated by community members.

  • Four current regular Metro bus lines (180, 81, 251  and Dash) will be forced to drive in the 1 single travel lane with cars, garbage trucks, and delivery trucks.  This will slow transit for non-BRT bus riders and create heavy traffic congestion and gridlock in the 1 travel lane.

  • There will be only 110 parking spaces over the 13 block shopping district east of Eagle Rock Blvd (currently there are 320 existing parking spaces). This will be devastating to small businesses and restaurants, as there already a lack of parking spots and parking structures.

  • Vehicles parallel parking or turning right in the 1 single travel lane will cause traffic backup.

  • The BRT-only lane in the center of the Blvd will drop their passengers at BRT platforms in the center, while 4 normal Metro bus line drop their passengers on right curb bus stops.

  • Of the 13 left turn lanes running along Colorado Blvd. only 3 remain with no indication of allowing U-Turns.

  • Regular buses transferring passengers at the bus stops located on the right side will have to drop their passengers into a bike lane. This is very dangerous because passengers will be injured by fast moving bicyclists. This is an ADA code violation 810.2.2, requiring 8 ft of clearance from bus door.

  • Cars or trucks will no longer be able to turn left at the medians due to the center running BRT-only lanes .

  • 2 lanes merging into 1 lane, between El Rio Ave. and Eagle Rock Blvd., will cause confusion and congestion.

  • BRT-only lane located on the right side (near the Eagle Rock Mall) will change left to a center running BRT-only lane heading east near El Rio Ave., where other lanes are merging from Eagle Rock Blvd.  This will cause confusion and possible traffic accidents.

  • Traffic congestion and gridlock will make this district less attractive for customers going to restaurants and shops.  As a result, customers will go elsewhere.

  • Parents driving kids to schools will be deterred because of few left turns allowed to school's streets.

  • Pedestrian safety concerns and possible traffic accidents will happen due to drivers diverting to residential streets to cut through congestion on Colorado Blvd. regardless of any physical traffic diverters in place. 

Concerns of the 134 East FWY Entrance

The Proposed BRT Stations

Images from Metro's Website

The Conversation
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